Compassionate Friends

Westside Chapter


                                                         …………….”We reach out to
                     each other with love, with understanding, and with hope. We Need Not Walk
                                          Alone. We Are The Compassionate Friends.”

       As we have said many times before, we are all members of a group that no one truly chooses to belong to. We therefore need one another and need to help each other as we go through the various stages of our life long journey in grieving for the loss of our children. We would like our group to be meaningful and helpful to all who need us. In order to do that, it is imperative that we periodically survey the group and obtain feedback to assure that we are meeting there needs. Please completed the following survey and include any ideas you have which you think will improve the quality of our meetings.
                  Please indicate your satisfaction using the scale below each question.
                              5 = very satisfied .... 1 = not satisfied at all.
After completing the survey, please return to Michael Urbisci via email at for evaluation.
Overall, how satisfied are you with current west side chapter meeting?      
How satisfied are you with the change in location?      
How satisfied are you with the facilitators of the meeting?      
How satisfied are you with the content or structure of the meetings?      
Are there other thought or ideas of items that you feel would help your healing? ……books, presenters, videos etc. other?      

       Thank you all for your continued support of our group and for your participation. The  Compassionate Friends Cincinnati West,
      To our families please take a minute to complete this survey with comments or concerns. Our chapter unfortunately continues to welcome additional families. Even though we are happy that the families found us, we regret the circumstances that made these families eligible. For this reason that it is absolutely imperative that we strive to always improve in the manner in which our chapter assists families.