My precious son, my baby was 21 years old with his whole life ahead but it was not meant to be. He was so sweet and had such a tender heart. He always cared about those less fortunate and frequently gave his last dollar to someone who needed it more. He always defended and stood up for the underdog. He loved life, loved his family and loved to have fun. He tried not to take things too seriously which made it even more difficult to face his disease. Schizophrenia; I hate to even see the word or say it out loud. He hated the way his medication made him feel. He thought he could handle it alone. The voices in his head became too much and he just wanted the torture to end. I prayed every day for God to take care of him and now He finally is…. God knew that only He could take of him. There was nothing more I could do. I only wish I could wrap my arms around him and hold him just one more time. I miss him. I miss his big hugs and dry sense of humor. I grieve over not being able to dance with him at his wedding, the 10 grandchildren that I will never meet and the years of family gatherings that he will not attend. There is no way to explain the raw heart wrenching pain of losing a child. The pain never goes away. Those who go through it every day understand. We don’t have to explain it to each other.


 My life changed forever on August 11, 2010. A typical hot, muggy August day, my beloved son Jovante returned home after his varsity football practice and had an asthma attack. Because his inhaler was low on medication, Jovante sent his younger brother Aubrhee to our neighbor’s home to borrow his friend’s inhaler. When Aubrhee returned, he found Jovante unconscious.An ambulance rushed Jovante to the hospital where it was confirmed that his asthma attack had caused him to suffer anoxic brain injury. Having seen Jovante in good spirits just an hour before his asthma attack, his distraught father was not prepared to be greeted by the chaplain when arrived at the hospital.Together, we spent the next four days waiting and praying for our son’s recovery, which was not to be.
 There is no deeper pain than losing your child. Not being able to see Jovante realize his dreams is beyond heart breaking. Jovante admired NFL great Jerome Betis whom never let asthma stand in his way on or off the field. Our son only wanted to do the same. Never did we think asthma would steal our son’s life.
     Our happiest memories of Jovante live on through the foundation we started in his name. No family should ever have to grieve the loss of a child. By fighting for air alongside the American Lung Association, we are working to ensure every child has healthy air to breathe. Air pollution triggers asthma attacks. By cleaning up power plant pollution, tailpipe emissions and other such sources of pollution, we can prevent thousands of asthma attacks every year while giving
another child the chance to fulfill their dreams.
learn more about Jovante’s foundation and the 3.8 to be Great Scholarship Fund,
please visit:



Melissa Urbisci
       Melissa our oldest child and only daughter..... She was the life of our family a bright, free spirited and joyful soul. She had just graduated with honors from nursing school on February 1, 2010. Actually the early graduation ironically fell on dads 56 birthday. I can't even begin to express the immense pride and joy that this young lady brought to her family. Our amazing and proud son Alessandro was to celebrate his 21st. birthday on March 14. A joyous moment quickly turned our lives completely upside down when a tragic accident claimed Melissa's life.
      Our daughter through her honor roll society classes final assignment left us a beautiful message. An amazing garden in front of our house was born that mimics the beautiful words that were contained in her final assignment in nursing school. For those of you that would like to visit and read her words we invite you to visit by typing the following URL: In her memory mom and dad had ventured to keep her legacy alive by being advocates for change in the  Ohio's Insurance laws, aiding our local hospital incorporate much needed change in "Compassion" and finally in urging and educating Hamilton County engineers in improving one of Cincinnati (Hamilton County's) most dangerous intersection, namely New Rybolt Road and Harrison Avenue's. As Melissa's quest in her life was to make this world a better place for all. In doing this I feel that we would honor Melissa and continue in her quest to help others.         
Sherena.... my beloved Angel, my best friend, my life. My daughter , now in God's arms, you are forever in my heart and soul. 
Sherena was thirty four years of age when she passed of a brain aneurysm. She was my "Miracle Baby" who fought to live from her first breath. She was born an "old soul" wise beyond her years. I cannot even begin to tell the life lessons I learned from her, even as a young child. Her personal motivation to excel in every area of her life was amazing to watch as she pursued her never ending quest of perfection. Always an honor student, she entered college as a Sophomore after completing her Freshman year while still a Senior in high school. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a double degree in marketing and real estate law.
Sherena choose to build a career and successfully followed her dreams from Cincinnati, to Boston, and finally into Atlanta where she settled in and called home. Her career included Director of Intellectual Properties which allowed her to visit countries in every continent, as well as, Communications Marketing and creating and rescuing internet start-up companies.

Her "Baby" was her beautiful Golden Retriever that I was blessed with for two years after her passing. She had finally reached a point in her career that would allow marriage and children... but that was not to be. She was active in "giving back" and was an amazing leader of young teens. She taught, shared and counseled them through the Fellowship Bible Church in Georgia. She was the first to drop in on a friend or neighbor with a home cooked meal or dessert, when then they had an illness or hardship.

Sherena was my inspiration, my hope, my courage, when I needed it most. She was sweet and kind, loving and smart...but most of all her beauty came...from within her heart. I will miss her forever.

 Trent, our youngest child and only son was quite the   entertainer. He loved to make people laugh and was so funny. He was always saying something silly. Trent loved to waterski, wake board and surf. He had a huge heart, loved animals and we found out after he passed he was watching over two girls on the bus that were     being picked on.  Sometimes life was a struggle for him with ADHD and anxiety but we worked through it and he  loved life. He was taken from us on October 26, 2014 at 13 years old in a tragic off road vehicle accident.  Our daughter Morgan was on the utv with him but was not hurt.

    There are no words to describe how much we miss him.

Jason Michael


Jason Michael Myers, 34 of Milan, Indiana passed away Monday, August 27, 2012 after a courageous battle with a brain tumor.


He was born on December 20, 1977 to William and Sandra (Wegman) Myers in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Jason was raised in Bright, Indiana, a 1996 graduate of East Central High School.  He was a construction project manager and most recently owned and operated Myers Properties and Development.


Jason was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma brain tumor on October 23, 2008. He had surgery, radiation and 18 months of chemo. The tumor returned in 2011 and Jason had Proton Radiation, more chemo and tried the new Novo Cure device. The tumor continued to spread like wild fire.


Jason had a passion for life in general and loved spending every moment with his family. His many interests included snow skiing, boating, wake boarding, and playing poker.  He was an avid soccer player, having earned the EIAC MVP Soccer title in 1996 and enjoyed coaching his children, Alex and Haley as well.  He skied National Mogul Races and was captain of Jason’s Joggers for the UC Brain Tumor Walk.  He was also a member of St. Pius Catholic Church.


Tim and Dan together forever....
We lost both our sons Tim and Dan within six months of each other. They are our only children and it has been three years. Our youngest son David died of a heroin overdose. Then six months later Tim died suddenly from an unknown heart conditon.
  Dan was a loving, kind and fought a difficult battle but heroin as we all know is a horrific drug to overcome. Dan was very smart, He loved his family, animals, sports, life and had lots of amazing friends.When he walked into a room it just seemed to light up. He had such an amazing sense of humor and could make us laugh like no one ever will again. After a time in rehab and then a sober house, he moved in with a girlfriend. I asked him where the life saving drug Narcan that he was given was and he told me he had left it at the half way house in case someone needed it. Maybe it saved someone else.
 Tim was our sensitive, kind loving son who also loved his family, dog and his many friends. He made many beautiful landscaped aquatic ponds and waterfalls and just made the world a beautiful place that even now brings us peace when we sit in our backyard. You could always count on Tim. He was thoughtful, generous and would never forget a special occasion. He always found the funniest cards. Both our boys had different personalities but they were both loved and knew that they were loved. Even though both died suddenly, we saw each the day before they died and we told them "Bye, Love you".
We will miss them everyday and always have our wonderful memories until we meet again.
People always say they can't imagine and it's true, they can't unless it's happened to them and we pray it never does.

Tribute to Baby Khloe

Khloe Dakota Pitts was Soo Happy, beautiful, smart and sweet. She had a smile that would brighten up your whole day and light up any room that she entered. Khloe had 2 dedicated parents Mother Joy White and Father, Dametrice Pitts. Khloe’s parents loved and cared for their only child they shared together. Khloe’s mother and father gave Khloe the love and care that parents would dream of in a lifetime.

They made her life happy, fun and filled with love. Khloe attended 2 amazing daycare, Delhi and Dreamlife Community Daycare in Price Hill. She made great friends and had amazing teachers that loved her Soo much.

Khloe was very adventurous and she loved the outdoors. Some of Khloe favorite things to do were to run around, ride her bike, color, write,watch her favorite Disney movies, sing, and dance. She was just like any typical 3 year old pretty girly girl. She loved lip gloss, fingernail polish and the summer when she could wear her pretty dresses, rompers, shorts and tops with her sandals. Khloe had a tremendous amount of love for animals and water and loved to swim.

She was infatuated with any type of animal. Dogs were her absolute favorite. At only three years old Khloe touched the lives of so many people. She had friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, 2 grandmothers and I grandfather that love and miss her very much. Khloe saw beauty in everything. Her beautiful life was cut short at only three years old but her love, legacy and memories that she left with everyone will live on and be cherished forever.