September 14, 2016 Meeting 


Many times our reaction to grief is anger. Anger is a natural fuel in our bodies. If it becomes a master of mood and action, it can become a serious problem which negatively affects our lives. Anger is also a healthy emotion that provides us with awareness and an opportunity to overcome its hold on us. Even people of deep faith find themselves angry with circumstances, or persistently upset about an unknown universal force of “bad.” When that happens, we need to discover our relationship with anger, and allow ourselves uncommon paths to explore it and direct it differently. We begin by entering into a courageous agreement to sit with it, observe it, reflect upon it, and convert it into a practice of peace toward self, and others. This group session invites us to learn (or re-learn) the nature of anger, and to participate in a process in which that courageous agreement is the common bond for beginning growth and healing.  
Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Judy Kroger, MA. Judy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a staff member at Professional Pastoral-Counseling Institute, Inc. (PPI) since 1990. She has also served as an adjunct instructor at both the graduate and undergraduate university levels, and a trainer at seminaries. Judy believes that individuals have access to healing resources within themselves. She has a sincere respect for people of all faith traditions. Her personal grief journey following her husband’s death in April, 2015, continues daily to bring gratitude for the gift of his life and his love, and expectant hope for renewal. 
 Mercy West Park September meeting.
    I would like to thank Judy for her mazing presentation to our group last night. 


June 2016
The Compassionate Friends "Walk to Remember" is an annual event. It was created as a symbolic way to show the love we continue to carry for the children we mourn. The walk this year will be held June 12, 2016 at Bicentennial Park shelter 2885 Diehl road Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 at 10:00 am. Registration on line or at 9:00 the day of the event.
After the walk, we will release butterfly's and write notes to our children, attach them to a balloon and all launch them together. Afterwards, we will gather for fellowship, prize raffles, food and a drink. If you are interested in purchasing a butterfly to release, contact Michael Urbisci at 513-205-8291 by May 20th. Also, please register if you are planning to attend so we can make sure we have enough food and drinks.
      We will have a final meeting on June 8 before our walk. The West side chapter will take a summer recess for the months of July and August allowing families to spend time family. We will resume on September 14. 
                              February 2016 brings Special guest speakers 
The West Side chapter has scheduled its February meeting on February 10th at the West Park Retirement Center. Our meeting begins promptly at 7.00 PM families are encouraged to arrive between 6.30 and 6.45 PM.
  We have special guest speaker joining us. For additional information please consult the Calendar of Events and or Meeting tabs or simply call Michael at 513-205-8291.
   See you all next week. Happy Ground Hog Day to all.....hoping that Spring is not far behind schedule. 
                                                    Westside Chapter 
        We welcome all families back as re convening after our two month summer recess. Our Walk to Remember was a beautiful event, we release over 70 Monarch Painted Ladies in honor and memory of our children. Images of the event are late in posting my apologies. Our October 14th meeting will welcome a special guest Mrs. Beth Bullock. The topic that she will present to us is on substance abuse, the symptoms, affect on the family and effective treatment. We thank her in advance for accepting our invitation to join us as at our October meeting.   
 Our next meeting is scheduled for November 11 at which time we will begin to prepare for our 2015 Worldwide Candle Lighting Event. Once again we are honored to present it at the Underground as we did last year. The facility offers a great spacious venue to host all attending family and friends.
The venue this year is once again The Underground Cincinnati 1140 Smiley Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
       We will begin to prepare for the Candle Lighting ceremony scheduled for December 13th. This ceremony is concurrent with the national. The event is celebrated in over 30 countries world wide. The candle lighting is know to be that largest in the world, a virtual wave of light that transcends all ethnic, religious, socio-economic and political boundaries. More information will be made available.
     Walk to Remember 2015 images to be posted.
      Our 2015 Walk to Remember is was concluded for July 27th 


A message to all families in our community please note: 
Monthly meetings.
I hope that you all have had a pleasant and safe summer. We look forward to resuming our monthly meetings. See you all on September 10 at Mercy's West Park Retirement and Community Center 
     PLEASE NOTE: The Compassionate Friends Cincinnati West Chapter will be taking a summer recess. We will take July and August off so that families can enjoy time with loved ones. We will resume on September 10.
We are always only a phone call away please call us with any situation warrants. We are always here for you and your families.
                           A pleasant and safe summer to all. Michael.
      Our meetings are held at Mercy West Park Community and Retirement Center every second Wednesday of each month. Families arrive at 6.30 PM for a brief orientation, the meeting follows at 7.00-9.00 PM.
      West Park is located at 2950 West Park Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45238. We look forward to meeting you and even though we regret the circumstances that made you eligible for our meeting we are glad that you found us. We look forward to meeting you and to offer you all the love and support that you truly need and deserve.
                        For Additional information please Michael at 513-205-8291. 
  Our next meeting is scheduled for September 10 at 7.00 PM at West Park Community Center.
Guest speaker Lorraine Whoberry is scheduled.
Hope that you are able to join us.