About Us

We the families of the Cincinnati West Chapter extend a warm welcome all families who have attended their first TCF meeting.

      We deeply regret the circumstances that brought you to our TCF Chapter. The Compassionate Friends is a mutual assistance, not-for-profit, self-help organization that offers support and understanding to families who have experienced the death of a child. You are cordially invited to attend our monthly meeting (always the second Wednesday of the month). The meeting is open to everyone and free of charge. You are free to talk, listen, cry or sit in silence; we respect the individuality of mourning. Naturally all comments shared in the meetings remain confidential.

       Our chapter is operated entirely by volunteers dedicated to furthering the work of TCF. Your voluntary, tax-deductible donations honor your loved one(s) in a meaningful way by enabling us to maintain the operating cost,  print and mail this newsletter and meet other expenses involved in reaching out to other grieving families (100% of funds are used for this outreach). Donations, along with the name of the person being honored may be sent to:

    The Compassionate Friends Cincinnati West
                Attention: Michael A. Urbisci   
                3849 Powner Road
                Cincinnati, Ohio 45248-2916

To Our New Members
  Attending your very first meeting is a difficult step. We encourage families to consider coming to our meeting as soon as you are able. This time varies from family to family, once a family attends we ask that you give it a fair chance by not judging the first meeting. Attempt to attend several before deciding whether or not the group can help your family. It might take a second or possibly even a third or fourth meeting before your family will connect find the right person - or just hear the right words spoken, that will help begin on this journey and thus better manage your grief.

To Our Old Members
  We need your encouragement and support. You are the bond that holds our group together and offers each new family and parents the much needed support that they so desperately need and seek. Think back - what would it have been like for you if there had not been any "veteran families" to welcome you, share your grief and encourage you? It was from them you heard, "Your pain will not always be so intense as it is currently; it really does get softer with the passing of time." Our children will forever be remembered as their memory and legacy will live on.